• Dependable Auto Service Experts in Springfield IL

    When it comes to our cars, nobody wants to have an issue that requires auto repair. However, after miles driven here and hours driven there, parts and components of your vehicle are sure to break down and need replacement. At Dave’s, we specialize in keeping cars in their best possible condition. Whether that means you need routine maintenance services or a major repair to your engine, our ASE-certified staff is standing by to inspect, diagnose and fix any problems your vehicle has!

    Don’t Do-It-Yourself Auto Repair

    Nobody likes paying for auto repairs, and it can be tempting to try and take on the repairs you need by yourself. While changing the oil in your garage may help you save money, there are certain things that should just be left up to the professionals. In fact, take these things into account when deciding on the repairs you can do yourself and what should be taken to the local auto shop:

    • Auto repairs take a vast amount of specific knowledge. If you’re not comfortable with cars, you’re doing more harm than good by trying repairs yourself.
    • The special tools required to work on vehicles can get pretty pricey. While some parts stores will rent the things you need, it’s easier to put that money into someone that knows what they’re doing.
    • Not only is auto repair complicated, but it can also be hazardous. Don’t risk harm to yourself and others if you don’t actually know what you’re doing – just bring it into Dave’s!
  • Brakes

    Possibly the most important safety device in your vehicle, brakes should be inspected twice per year for wear and damage, so you can catch any problems before they give out in an intersection.

  • Suspension

    Your suspension system keeps the vehicle off of the ground and absorbs shock from the road. This is a critical part of your braking and steering systems. 

  • Timing Chains/Belts

    You may not think about them, but timing chains and belts are of the utmost importance to your vehicle. When one breaks, it could mean trouble with your engine, power steering and more. 

  • Starters/Alternators

    You’ll notice when your starter goes out – you’ll have a hard time starting your vehicle. Contact us for starter and alternator problems, and get the repairs you need to get going! 

  • Auto Electrical

    A bad electrical system could have effects on any number of our vehicle’s components. From a faulty dome light to a battery that won’t change, contact us for the repairs and service that you need. 

  • Complete Vehicle Diagnostics

    What’s that light mean on the dash? Is your car going to explode? Not likely, but you do need to visit Dave’s for complete diagnosis and repair of your check-engine light problems. 

  • Auto Air Conditioning/Heating

    If you drive a lot, you don’t have time for a vehicle with a faulty air conditioning system. There are more options for your air system besides adding Freon. Call Dave’s and stay comfortable no matter where the road takes you!

  • Exhaust

    The exhaust system is responsible for dispelling the harmful byproducts of the internal combustion engine. Make sure your exhaust system is functioning properly.

  • Wheel Bearings

    Your wheel bearings are responsible for helping the wheels spin fast with very little friction. Without these, your suspension could develop major problems. 

  • Thermostats

    Not that kind of thermostat – the thermostat in your vehicle is part of the cooling system that regulates the temperature of the engine, which helps it stay cool and perform at optimal levels. 

  • Oil Changes/Filter Changes

    These are two of the most routine maintenance procedures that need to be done in order to keep your car running properly. Dave’s makes routine maintenance easy & affordable! 

  • Steering

    Steering is something we take for granted until it goes out. Make sure your entire steering system is sound to avoid problems when you can least afford them. 

  • Struts

    Struts help provide a balanced ride and absorb shock from road imperfections such as bumps, potholes and more. These must be replaced, at some point, on every vehicle. 

  • Transmissions

    The transmission is another part of your vehicle that may have to be replaced. Responsible for keeping the vehicle in the correct gear, you won’t get very far when your transmission gives out. 

  • Water Pump/Hoses

    Your engine runs hot. That’s why vehicles use a water pump and hoses to help cool the engine and other internal systems. When this breaks, you’ll have problems keeping your engine cool. 

  • Radiators

    The radiator is an all-important part of your vehicle that helps dissipate heat away from the engine and other internal components.

  • Axle Replacement

    The axles of your vehicle are how the power created in the engine gets to the wheels that move the car forward and backward. Faulty Axles mean you won’t be going anywhere - at least, not anywhere quickly.

  • Fuel System Maintenance

    Dirty fuel systems can make cars sluggish and even lead to more serious problems down the road. Contact us about fuel system cleaning services, today!